Page Boy Hairstyle for Women

Page Boy Hairstyle for Women

Page boy hairstyle is a modern female or male hairstyle named after pudding-basin hairstyle of a medieval page boy. It means a straight hair hanging below the ear, where it usually turns under and also with deep long fringes at the forehead. This style was very much popular in 1905 and still continued to be … Read more

Cute Emo Hairstyles for Girls


As we know traditionally emo refers to an image of distress, loneliness and sadness. However, many teenagers now hugely find with that kind of feeling so generally also go for such kind of haircut. Emo haircut is something in which your thin hair is covered with the layers of deep defined cut and highlights. Usually … Read more

Formal Victorian Hairstyle for Women


It’s not just the clothes but also the hairstyles of the Victorian era are famous because of their beauty and elegance. Victorian era which was started in 1837 and lasted till 1901 till the death of queen Lady Victoria. At that time, many polished remarkable hairstyles were born and came into great existence. No matter, … Read more