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Short hairs are becoming the latest trend of today’s economy, keeping short sized pixie hairstyle means looking really stylish and modest. It is the best option for women after 50 as managing your hair after that time really becomes difficult and disgusting, but many have the issue that short hairs will won’t match there perfection but it’s not, even celebrities go for short coiffure and how elegant it looks and even you are fascinated towards it and one to have one. So all you have to do this time is looking beneath and finding the correct hairstyle which is going to suit you this time. With a little effect and execution you can go for the best and shine.

Short hairstyles for women are –

Helen Mirren


Helen Mirren is well known for her long finches on for head a very short hair from back.

Denise Welch-


Denise Welch silver straight layers of short hair really looks sparkling, and enlightens her look.

Ellen DeGeneres-


Her natural blue eyes add extra charm to her short brown pixie hairstyle, which really looks dam hot.

Dame Dench-


Dame Dench short pixie are very much favorable if you want to have a short straight pixie.

Emma Watson-


She really has a very short hair, which don’t even touches her hair, but still looks good and really enchanted,  a very easy to carry and manage , just color your short pixie with a little brown linings and see how good it looks.

Helen Pirren pink short hair-


Pink hair wow!  Isn’t it sounds glossy? – Helen had experienced it in her hair. She made pink color linings on them, the short hair with pink covering really looks cute and she still looks young even in 50.

Judy Dench silver linings-


Her silver hair shines so much because of the short straight linings that cover her face, and enlarges her beauty.

Jamie Lee Curtis-


Wow! Jamie looks so cute in her short pixie no matter what she is wearing or in which occasion. Her silver color hair makes her short hair look more beautiful.

Helen Mirren Bob hair-


The short layered waves in the cuts of hair of Helen, naturally blunt in the ends looks so spanking.

Jane Fonda-


Jane Fonda’s naturally mixing of black and grey hairs looks so good and engrossed, it creates a natural spark in her eyes which makes her look wild and humid.

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