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Short Hairstyles for Black Women 2016

So, if you are here for the hairstyles of black ladies, then, I would like to tell you that they are really lucky to have a chocolate color, complexion as any style suits them well and they don’t need to work hard on them. Especially it has been seen that black ladies are really fashionable so they easily go for and also love short hairstyles that really suits them. A typical short haircut with a flickering layered ends how ravishing it looks on them. Even the short haircuts are easy to handle and style compared to the long ones as we all know. Nowadays even, the celebs are seen with short sized cropped hair no matter what their color, complexion is, but the black ones are definitely with a short style. No matter it is a short bob, short pixie cut, blunt cut, crew cut or whatever. Even the straight and curly hair doesn’t matter anymore it really goes pretty on all. Even the shape of your face doesn’t matter you can easily go for this short hairstyle if you are having a dark color, complexion because apart from serving a beautiful appearance it will also serve you with fashion. As being on a short haircut is the only fashion of today’s era and also loved by all of us. You can also mark your short haircut with highlights for making it more perfect. There are almost numerous of short hair designs for black ladies and some of the classy ones which can easily suit all personality are mentioned below here. You can just go ahead and find an appropriate one for you which you find it suitable. So, this time, your hotter appearance will make the floor much rocking when you will be styling with these.


Short hairstyles for black women are-

Short black bob haircut with bangs


A short bob haircut with bangs and a short sleeked layered haircut with trimmed slicked black short bob cut. This is the most adorable look ever. You can make your hair as such by making it completely short and then trim it to your neckline and the hair should be completely straight, if not you can also take the help of a straightening iron and also allow angled bangs to fall on your forehead.

Blonde short bob haircut


Such a creative look you get after styling this layered lined medium long bob cut with almost layered and angled lines in the front. Comb your hair in the middle parted way and allow the layers to be properly visible. Make your bangs to cover your face from both the sides.

Short bob cut with highlights


A simple sleeked bob haircut can also do enough if you are styling it with perfections like creating a heavy straight lined bangs on them and also above all some extensions of highlights that should be in contrast with your dark color hair. You can choose dark color shades like red and purple.

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Crimped bob cut


As we all know that crimped hairstyle is in huge fashion nowadays, a short curled twisted with lots of pattern in the twist. This is also one of the most alluring styles for black women. Just make small crimps on your simple crunches of bob hair and also allow some crimped bangs to cover your face.

Asymmetrical bob haircut


An asymmetrical hairstyle is my favorite choice because it the most stunning style ever seen. If you are a big fan of designed bangs and short hair cut then I insist you go for this haircut, where the layered haircut with side asymmetrical bangs will complete your look. In your short layered cut style, a side-parted look and then allow half-up short side asymmetrical bangs to cover you face.

Pixie cut


If you want a much shorter and deeper cut than bob cut, then you can easily go for this style. A very short sized cropped pixie cut in which the size of hair becomes very small. You can style in a spiky way with the help of a styling gel. Above the pixie cut to get a bolder effect, you can also add dark blonde shades to it.

Arched bangs


A simple bob cut with layered bangs will always be the most stylish cut ever. A deep mushroom cut layered hair which is almost the same from all sides only the bangs in length will decrease that compared to the rest side covering the head.

Crew cut


A very deep bold cut not very easy for every women to except this style, as you need a lot of confidence to deal with this but when you go with this, it only reveals the boldness of your look. A very short cropped hair in which the size becomes almost zero. Add highlights for perfections.

Curly pixie


This time, you will be the cutest lady on earth if you go with these curls. As you know that curly hair serves with both, if it’s long it gives you a hotter look and if its short it gives you a dainty look. And just imagine that how alluring it will look if you are going to transform your short pixie cut in curls. The small deep curls covering your look will look so great.

Curly bob


We have already discussed with a straight bob cut, but the ones with a curly hair or want to have one you can go for this. A short bob cut with tiny curls all apart. Allow some bangs to make it more perfect and also some complementary shades on it.

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Fabulous Faux hawk


It is the haircut which we all are much aware with and is mostly seen on women with dark shades. This look always remains edgy and exciting. One side clean cut shaved look with the other one upheld and curled with deep stripes and dark color highlights.

Vintage vision


A vintage cut looks great because you can give it the way you want. A bold look by designing stripes and spikes on it and if you want to cherish with a cuter look you can arrange it with deep curls. A short stripped vintage cut with specific highlights.


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