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Short Hairstyles for older ladies

Stylish cropped with side swept bangs

hairstyle-for-older-ladies-Stylish cropped with side swept bangs

If you love sassy cut you can try thighs cut and make your passion took a little higher level, add more volume to your crown area and this perfect look.

Shoulder layer cut with bangs

hairstyles-for-older-ladies-Shoulder layer cut with bangs


A very decent, timeless and simple style, you will really feel confident adopting this style at any age and is best for the 50, you can get an average cut till neck, allow bangs falling on your face.

Bob style with luscious curls

short-hairstyles-for-older-ladies-Bob style with luscious curls


If you want to give a stylish effect to your simple bob, just make some curling’s style on that. Get a side parted with tiny curls, with the help of a curling iron you can style them.

Traditional curled short hairdo

short-hairstyles-for-older-ladies-Traditional curled short hairdo

This kind of hairstyle looks more traditional on older ladies, short copped hair with number of pined curls. Its gives a cool vintage effect specially ladies with a white hair.

Short wispy hairstyle with face framing bang

short-hairstyles-for-older-ladies-Short wispy hairstyle with face framing bang

A fair easy hairstyle gives you an easy and breathless attitude, a very gracefully styled hair with side bangs so that the forehead remains clean but above gains some flattering volume.

Classy wet look bob

short-hairstyles-for-older-ladies-Classy wet look bob

A straight bob cut hairstyle can be set this way which suits for all kinds of occasion, you can set this look with the help of a hair gel. These messy waves with light effect of wet hair gives a softening contours.

Steeply angled bob

short-hairstyles-for-older-ladies-Steeply angled bob

A very different style of bob cut with a classy example of a line glossy finish, long side bangs with straight lines covering half of the face.

Spiky crew cut

hairstyles-for-older-ladies-Spiky crew cut

It gives you a tom boy look, a very short pixie cut with less volume of hair is so easy to manage and also gives you a very modern effect, and helps you to look younger.

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  1. I’d love to see the back of the wispy feathered style so I can take the guess work out of it for the person cutting my hair.

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