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Short Hairstyles for Round Oval Face

Having a round heart shaped oval face is really a blessing to you, it add extra beneficial charm top your look and enhance your beauty more. It has been always proved that the ones with round oval face are appreciated more than the ones with long face, as because everything easily goes upon them, No matter what kind of its is dress makeup or hairstyle. The mostly which matters it to keep a perfect defined hairstyle and always  look charming even without makeup and leave home with an extra confidential effect. And a credit to you all is there are numerous of hairstyles which suits your personality. But as the round faces one are counted among the cute ones so short hairstyles and haircuts do something different as it gives you extra dainty effect. But among the numerous there are only few special hairstyles which really goes to your personality, so be ready to look something different this time because this time you are going to be the prettier than the pretties. Here below I have mentioned some of the angelic short hairstyles for round faces, you can go through them choose one according to your choice and shine a little extra.


Short hairstyles for round oval face are:-

Cropped bob with jagged edges


The easiest way to makeover your round face is to add certain volumes in it. A very short cropped bob with definite layers of bangs looks so beautiful on a two toned brown hair such a flattering and stylish effect.

Pixie with tapered side burns

short-hairstyle-for-round-faces-Pixie with tapered side burns

Side burns gives you an extra glossy effect especially if you are having a round oval face. The darkness of root elongated on the top boundary with new lines of hair growth, the shattered hair covers your faces.

Short playful ringlets

short-hairstyles-for-round-faces-Short playful ringlets

Every face need perfections but when you are already perfect if you are having a round face and above that you are moreover with short cute gorgeous hairstyle. Those playful ringlets add extra adorable charm to your face.

Bowl cut

short-hairstyles-for-round-faces-Bowl cut


Similarly same round haircut as your round oval face, a covering of round short messy falling hair to whole of your head in a circular direction the horizontal edges with deep bangs give an extra allusion.

A line bob with side parting

short-hairstyles-for-round-face-A line bob with side parting


A chin length a line bob till neck which locks at the edges with side partial steeply combed and settled back.  A very neat and de cent look makes you look dainty.

Short elongating look

short-hairstyle-for-round-faces-Short elongating look

Keeping a short haircut is also not easy for every women as it one should have a greatest spirit to do so but remember it always goes stylish and decent. Making your statured pixie set upward it really provides volume to it.

Layered haircut with elongated bangs

short-hairstyles-for-round-faces-Layered haircut with elongated bangs

Very deep broad round oval face looks good with short wavy hair, your length of hair should be above shoulders and make it pair with elongated side created bangs combed in the same way.

An asymmetrical side sweep

short-hairstyles-for-round-faces-An asymmetrical side sweep

This is the most wanted hairstyle ever been noticed as to easy to manage and style. If your edges are softened with wavy structure then the delicate side swept bangs looks so good with a high moderate side con tasting structure.

Edgy pixie with long side bang

short-hairstyle-for-round-faces-Edgy pixie with long side bang

An only haircut which goes with all kind of faces, the very short layered haircut in tiny pixies with a high moderate side long bangs gives your face an extra breeze effect.

Short A symmetrical perm

short-haircuts-for-round-faces-Short A symmetrical perm

The cropped curly look with low tiny light weighted bangs which actually look likes tiny twigs growing all around, such a cut an elongated hairstyle which really looks vibrant

short bob with braided bang

short-hairstyle-for-women-with-round-faces-short haircut with braided bang


It itself sounds so stylish and moderate, this time you can really go for something different. All short neck line hair collected and pined up back leaving the crown area hair which braided and held up at the back from one side of the ear, pin it properly crossing the forehead area.

Feminine Macklemore cut

short-hairstyle-for-round-face-Feminine Macklemore cut


You might be hearing it first time but this trendy cut does better and suits to a women’s personality more than a women compared to men. This time your hair and style won’t confound you with the problem to style them.

Curled graduated bob haircut

short-hairstyle-for-round-faces-Curled graduated bob haircut

A short haircut which due to its effectiveness doesn’t looks short, the numerous of round short long curls add excessive volume on the side to give it an extra effect.

Sleek locks with crisp curls

short-hairstyles-for-round-faces-Sleek locks with crisp curlsSleek locks with crisp curlsSleek locks with crisp curlsSleek locks with crisp curlsSleek locks with crisp curlsSleek locks with crisp curlsSleek locks with crisp curlsSleek locks with crisp curlsSleek locks with crisp curlsSleek locks with crisp curlsSleek locks with crisp curls

Short curls are really a boon to round faces as it adds extra volume to your hair giving it a side deeper effect, the crisp curls at the ends and diagonal bangs such a beautiful look.

Crew cut

short-hairstyles-for-round-faces-Crew cut

A perfect bold decent and extra effective look if you want to end up the daily issue of managing your hair every now and then and keep your hands free. Especially for the summer, a very tiny layers of hair highlighted with colors add extra style to your look.

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