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Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Wow! It means even you are also blessed with natural heavy volume of thick hair, which are really precious as many suffer from light hair and less number of hairs which don’t suits much. Thick hair is almost very easy to style and there are numerous ways to design them, but even there are many complaints that they are hard to manage because of its excessive volume, It takes a lot of time in styling, caring etc. Basically, one gets tired of handling these thick held up hair every day. So a solution for this common problem is that make your hair short and go for short trendy hairstyles which really does something especial when styled on thick hair. No matter that your hair is short, it will still look creative and good enough to carry out and rest of all it will be easy for you to manage, especially in summer when managing long hair is really difficult and mainly when its thick then it’s horrible. At that point of time, you can easily go for short cuts and make you look a more alluring, remember no matter if thick hair are short they always look good because of its unique weight. There are many short styles and haircuts for thick hair on which you can easily relieve upon, but here below even I, am mentioning some of the most popular and best hairstyles among all for thick hair. You can select one according to your choice and make yourself look classy.


Short hairstyles for thick hair are:-


Straight messy bob


Make your classy bob a tease at roots with little light colors, combed backward on the crown to endow with a dashing feel, don’t allow bangs to cover your head, make a clean combing of hair by middle parting and pinning towards back.


Strict symmetric bob

short-hairstyle-for-thick-hair-Strict symmetric bob

This classy bob is pointed with its smooth texture and soft lines, a strict semantic bob which completes strict texture of accurate concurs. Such decency will be appropriate in your business circle because its represents you as a reliable and stylish lady.


Sleeked down pixie with texturizing

short-hairstyle-for-thick-hair-Sleeked down pixie with texturizing

If you want to handle your thick hair properly in an easy way then this is the perfect t style for you. Apart from being short it the very stylish look, a funky pixie sleeked down in a good position, root texture with a chic and little wild look with different highlights which looks spicy.

Bob with heavy bangs

short-hairstyle-for-thick-hair-Bob with heavy bangs

Even bangs do not suit everyone but it’s always goes good on the ones with thick hair and especially if you have an oval face shape. The thick heavy bangs cut from the edges covering forehead in a straight line. It gives your face a very ideal shape helping you to look younger.

Bob with elongated front pieces

Bob with elongated front pieces


We all are very familiar that bob is a very popular haircut and especially when it completes the side falling bangs it goes to awesome, it changes the complete facial structure of your look and gives you an extravagant classy look, the long bangs at sides pumps the cheeks bone and makes it vibrant.


Lob with asymmetric arched bangs

short-hairstyle-for-thick-hair-Lob with asymmetric arched bangs

This haircut always looks as a latest hairstyle and is very popular among the ones with thick hair. a very heavy volume of thick hair with numerous of lined bangs falling on the face gives you a flatteries structure, the deep layered cut in the edge gives you a harmonious and stylish look.


Short edgy layered haircut


Such an excessive bulky hairstyle with layers in a deep, short cut, the mushy bushy hair falling on the cheek bone till neck length. No need of combing you must leave it shattered and it will definitely go your personality.

Indie rock style

short-hairstyles-for-thick-hair-Indie rock style

It is one of my favorite style as it locks the real age and always helps you to look younger. No matter how dull your face is goi9ng after a heavy work it always enhance your face and makes you look glossy. This kind of haircut will be suitable for both straight and curly hair.

Classy two toned haircut

short-hairstyle-for-thick-hair-Classy two toned haircut

Very favorite way to deal with thick hair and a very time saving way. It is really a classy cut with tresses. A layered bushy haircut no need of brushing, whether you are going for any kind of occasion it suits for all personality.

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