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Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Long pixie haircut

short-hairstyle-for-thick-hair-Long pixie haircut

A best style for girls with thick locks, heavy puffy tresses getting piled up at the corner, if you really want to go for a short haircut then you must go for it.

Angled bob with angled bangs



Such a new trendy look pasted on a simple bob by just getting angled lines siding on the side lines. A very short haircut at the back with side layered bangs and front deep mushroom cut. A combination of all the alluring styles.

Wispy chin length heavy hairstyle

short-hairstyles-for-thick-hair-Wispy chin length heavy hairstyle

If you are really blessed with thick hair then your natural volume can be accompanied in this bulky edgy hairstyle layered in pieces with wisps. This bulking accompanying frizz parted in layers id the daintiest cut ever.

 Rounded bob with side bangs

short-hairstyles-for-thick-hair-Rounded bob with side bangs

A bob haircut getting in a triangular shape and a layering of below ear section effect. Styled with tresses flipped inside and flattered side bangs, a short back haircut with long side bangs this hairstyle is obvious easy to get.

French haircut

short-hairstyle-for-thick-hair-French haircut


It is characterized by edgy structure and executed by razor defining in a layered way. It is a well pretty messy and tousled look, it is of actually length not too short so basically is agreed by everyone, a very delicate look.

Crew cut

short-hairstyles-for-thick-hair-Crew cut

Tired of handling all the heavy messed up hair and want to get a cooler sider effect so that your hands are free this time then you can basically go for this. A very hot bold look with such short almost no type hair easily manageable.

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