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Stunning Undercut Hairstyles for your Bold Look

The undercut hairstyle was much opted during the Edwardian era, mostly among the men but, later due to its excess bold and beautiful appearance, it caught a great craze among the women also and many were seen with such kind of hairstyle polishing their look. In this style mainly the hair on the top of the head is long which can be settled anywhere as per your choice that could be a side or a middle parted look varying with different styles but, the ends of the corner will be arranged with deep flicks of shaved crown area clean and cut, assembled with short hair like small crunchy grass from the back which for more establishment was also decorated with different long and short hairstyles designs to achieve a better look. Then the trend to arrange such look with different bold highlights fascinated many because the look itself was very bold so it added stars to it when was arranged with dark bold shades of colors. Commonly in this style, the bangs are kept away from the face and mainly in a side swept way or backwards but, for today’s century styling with bangs is essential and is the favorite choice of many so this cut collided with such kind of chopped haircut and it did really well to suit the style as the front layers were long and the back swept area were short cropped with a clean shaved look so it gave a defined combination. There were much more popular hair designs collided with an undercut style and some of the amazing precious ones are mentioned below here from which you can easily get some of the most beautiful undercut hairstyle ideas to style one on yourself so just slope down and find one amazing undercut hair design for yourself so that even you could match the latest aspect of today’s fashionable trend.

Stunning Undercut Hairstyles for your Bold Look

Subtle and shaved

undercut hairstyles Subtle and shaved

An undercut style always remains at the top because it easily goes on any kind of hairstyle and this subtle hair look created in a layered side parted look with one deep line of shaved stripe covering the lower back area.

Purple bun with undercut

undercut hairstyles for women Purple bun with undercut


Undercut style can be imagined on any bold style, your heavy thick hair can also experience one if you don’t want to go for a short cut to experience this style then you can also create a high bun at your crown and then allow some shaved stripes to appear at your lower strands.

Smoky lavender undercut

undercut hairstyles for women Smoky lavender undercut

Experience something new by changing your boring undercut design with this shaved lower sides and high elongating bangs at the front. The smoky look will be given with the hues of light shades.

Must see – Under Cut Hairstyles for Girls

Spiked shaved mohawk

undercut hairstyles for women Spiked shaved mohawak

A mohawk cut is very popular among the women who want to go for some shaved look with long hair. This spiked cut with some shaved sidelines will be amazing.

Rainbow undercut

undercut hairstyles for women Rainbow undercut

This is a simple haircut which will be something like an undercut pixie design but will be made creative by adding multiple colorful shades to it.

Zig-zag undercut

undercut hairstyles for women Zig-zag under cut

You can also carve with many creative designs on your shaved area rather than leave it boring so for this time create it in  a zig-zag pattern on them.

Platinum under shaved pixie

undercut hairstyles for women Platinum under shaved pixie

This pixie design will be simple and casual like other pixie cuts, the only difference will be that the look at the crown area will be short and then the side will be shaved with some bold shades of platinum color.

Inspired undercut

undercut hairstyles for women Inspired undercut

This cut inspires a huge bold look with one side will be covered with long fallings and the other will be shaved and short. You can give a two tone look.

Cool copper undercut style

undercut hairstyles for womenCool copper undercut style

You can give a copper look on a cropped short hair which should be back swept and layered by some deep highlights of bold color and under shaved style at the back areas.

Undercut with colors

undercut hairstyles for women Under cut with colors


In this undercut design, colors will play an important role because different colors will be covering the rest of the hair and the shaved area will be left simple and sizzling.

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