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Stylish Black Girl Ponytail Hairstyles

Stylish Black Girls Ponytail Hairstyle
All African American women whose hair is either long or medium can opt for this ponytail hairstyle. This style suits on girls with black skin tone and I personally recommend them to go with a classy ponytail hairstyle. For those who think that ponytail is an old fashioned hairstyle and which is suitable while staying at home, they should definitely go below to change their mind set because here below are mentioned some of the best ever black girls pony hairstyles, which are really very pretty and developed to polish your black skin tone.

 Stylish Black Girls Ponytail Hairstyle

Straight long ponytail

Straight long ponytail Black Girls Ponytail Hairstyle

Long straight hair simply tied to a ponytail is the most suitable and simple black girls pony hairstyle.

Curly ponytail

Curly ponytail Black Girls Ponytail Hairstyle

After a straight touchup tie up with some gentle rolls of curly ponytail.

Wavy ponytail

Wavy ponytail black girl ponytail

Make your heavy wavy hair easy to handle by tying a ponytail without disturbing the waves.

Pony with highlights

black girl Ponytail with highlights

A long pony tied up with some bold shades of blonde color.

Side ponytail

black girl Side ponytail

Make the black girls ponytail look sharper by adding the pony to side instead of the back.

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High ponytail

bLACK GIRL High ponytail

High knotted up ponytail touching the shoulders.

Side high knotted up

BLACK GIRL Side high knotted up

Instead of the back tie its high knotted up ponytail at the side corner.

Straight ponytail with straight bangs

Black girl Straight ponytail with straight bangs

Tie your straight ponytail with straight lined up bangs.

Half ponytail

black girls Half ponytail

Half ponytail in which only the half of the hair will be secured with a rubber band and the rest hair will be left open.


Messy ponytail

black girls Messy ponytail

Instead of clear cut pony tie out layered up messy ponytail.


Angled pony with bangs

black girls Angled pony with bangs

An angled lined up hair with angled carved up bangs.

Red pony

black girl Red ponytail

Highlighted up red ponytail gives a romantic look.

Braided pony

black girls Braided pony

This is the leading braided pony look among the black girls pony hairstyle.

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Braided bangs on pony

black girl Braided bangs on pony

On a simple ponytail style out with some braided bangs.

Short sized bangs on long pony

Black girl Short sized bangs on long pony

A long tied up heavy ponytail with some straight lined up arched bangs.

Curly bangs with straight ponytail

black girl Curly bangs with straight ponytail

Heavy straight smooth hair in a pony with some added spice of curly rolling long and side swept.

Ponytail with headband

black hair Ponytail with headband

A long ponytail styled with a creative headband.

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