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Super Models Hairstyle

Ever we have to go for a haircut or hairstyle among 10, it’s mentioned that 8 of you probably go for the hairstyles adopted by celebrities because of their divine look and outcome. There are numerous of celebrities whose hairstyles are really beautiful and can fascinate any one most probably people like you. But only few hairstyle of celebs are there which can really match your personality and go with you because styles different from faces so here below I have mentioned some of the best and real common hairstyles of the most desired models which can easily suit up to any personality and have credence is also going to matter a lot to polish your outcome. So definitely go with them and select one according to you and make yourself look re defined.


Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima is a Brazilian model and actress best known as Victoria’s secret angel and super model of the world. But most of all always in mind for her supernatural beautiful gorgeous hair which one will definitely love to have, so here below are mentioned some of the famous hairstyles of Adriana Lima.


Middle parted straight


Straight long black hair with smooth gel textured in a silky way such long classy style straightly combed in two sub ways and middle parted.

Straight cut with bang


A straight shoulder cut hair straightly combed in a back way and heavy bangs falling on the crown area covering the face, such a dainty look.

Side braid with bangs


A heavy side combed hair with pony tied till edge and flattering hair coming out with fluffy ups and downs and a messy hair with light bangs falling on side of the hair.

Short curled bob hairstyle


A very short blonde bob cut with deep curls falling all apart and covering the hair.

Curly waves


A round curly wavy hairstyle till shoulders with deep highlighted patches on that to make it glitter more.

Candice Susan Swanepoel

We all are very aware of Candice Swanepoel who is a South African model and started her modeling carrier in such a small age of 15 and is mostly known for her blue eyes but apart from this she is also observed and scout for her deep blonde beautiful hair which looks so classy construed, and if you want to adopt some of her pretty hairstyles then you can really go for the one mentioned from here.

High messed bang hairstyle


High heavy bang with highlighted textured and infinite shine, the messed up hair all over and defined bangs are the combination of a real appealing look.

Wavy curl


A deep long hair with short implementing curls and high wavy textures at the edge left opened and combed in a messy way.

Short curled bob hairstyle


A short haircut with curls at the edges and lowering messy flattering hair, allow some hair cover your face.

Side parted curled


A side parted long hair combed partially divided and settled in one side with defined long heavy curls at every linings.

Front braided


Such an appealing hairstyle commonly suitable for all occasion, especially when it’s something informal, a long hair with curls and front braided bang highly stitched to one side of the ear.


Alessandra Ambrosio

Counting the hairstyles of best super models we can’t neglect the name of Alessandra Ambrosio, she is a Brazilian model and actress known for her brown color hair which suits her brown color eyes.

Low side braided pony tail

Alessandra+Ambrosio+low side-braided-pony-tail

A low side deep braided pony tail with messy outcomes and long side bangs covering the other side.

Sleeked straight cut


A very deep straight long hair style with simple decent combing which looks glossy and classy.

High braided bun



A very high simple steeply back combed hair with messy heavy high bun pated at the back crown area.

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is an Australian super model born on May 20 in 1983 but still looks so cute like a young college going girl. Because of her perfections which she carries out in this age it is really fantastic. The way she represents herself from dress to hairstyle is really fascinating especially when it comes to hair it itself reveals a lot. Her beautiful hair and different trendy hairstyle which she up holds are the reason for her to look more alluring and serves extra charm to her really one would dream to have so if you are too a part of it then below here you could go for some of the really pretty and exclusive hairstyles by her.


Heavy rolled bun


High heavy tied and rolled back bun with sleeked combed perfections and highlights.

Chic straight pony tail


Such a straight glossy simply backward combed tightly combed pony tail with no messed look, a perfect hairstyle for formal occasion.

Front French braid



A round French braid tied from one corner to other, marked from one side and pinned on another with rest hair curled and opened long.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie Huntington born on April 18, 1987 is an English model and actress. Her different stylish hairstyles are enough often to describe her alluring personality. Some of her really classy hairstyle which one will definitely want to adopt are mentioned here.

Wavy layered waves


Waves have always proved to be the best hairstyle ever, the sticky heavy waves with numerous layers at the edges.

Half up down with bang


Half tied up and rest of the hair falling down in curled motion with short middle parted two layered bang covering the hair.

Sleeked back braided bun


A plain back sleeked hair combed properly and braided in a single line then a bun with the same tied pony is made and tied perfectly at the back portion.

Doutzen Kroes

Doutzen Kroes born on 23rd January 1985 is a Frisian model and actress, you are probably on the right choice if you want to adopt a hairstyle like her because it’s really different and gorgeous one can experience ever. So here beneath are mentioned some of the wonderful, elegant hairstyles by her.


High heavy pony


A very high profile tied pony tail with messed up edges and bouncy finish, very infinite and easy patterned look with crunchy effects.


Straightly sleeked


A simple hairstyle with straight hair combed straight in a middle parted way the shiny straight hair looks like rays of her.

Messed up light bun


A very low light messed up combing with fluffy flattering hairs combing out, the bun revolved in different patterns.

Brooklyn Decker

Brooklyn Decker is an American fashion model and actress best known for her wonderful appearance all time, but here when we are best hairstyles of super models then we can’t ignore her because she has always seen with different admirable hairstyle, and one will really want to go through her. So here below are some of the really beautiful hairstyles by her.

Short edgy wave


A deep cut short edgy wave with fluffy edges and commercial bangs covering one side of the face.

High puff with bob


A straight bob cut with back combed tied high heavy puff in the middle of the hair and settled properly.

Long curls with bangs


An opened hair with long round up curls and straight light shattered bangs falling on the top of the forehead.

Ana Beatriz Barros

Ana Beatriz is a Brazilian model born on 29th may 1982 and is a brand presenter of many famous hair brands because of her beautiful hair and hairstyle which really fascinates one, some of her alluring hairstyles are mentioned below.

Straight sleeked back puff


A straight backward combed hairstyle with high heavy backward assembled puff at the crown area.

Pixie with bang


A very short pixie cut you can’t say it a bob because the hair remains too short till neck line and a single lined bang falling and covering the eye.

Heavy long curls


Such a bold look with heavy high bunch of volume curled open hair with super natural rounding’s.

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