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Tips and Tricks To Have A Faster Hair Growth

Whenever you meet women, they always have the need for a faster, stronger & thicker hair. Hair defines the beauty & pleasant appearance of a woman, for which she will always need an extra little help that could transform her hair from being good to great.

Tips and Tricks To Have A Faster Hair Growth

For starters, hair growth consists of three stages-

Anagen: Growth stage which lasts from two to six years.

Catagen: The most important change phase which takes place in the hair follicles.

Telogen: The rest phase where there is no hair growth whatsoever.

On an average, human hair growth consists of about six inches growth in a year.

How to Make the Hair Grow Faster

Balanced Diet:

Tips and Tricks To Have A Faster Hair Growth-Balanced Diet

The health of hair is dependent on the supply of green vegetables, beans, seeds, lean fish, chicken etc. Which are all excellent sources of nutrition. In addition to that, a good shampoo and conditioner promote healthy hair. A woman’s shining hair shows the extent to which she has protein through her diet. All in all, one must have protein, vitamins & minerals in sufficient quantities to have a long, strong, silky & shiny hair.

Hot Oil Massage:

Tips and Tricks To Have A Faster Hair Growth-hot oil massage

Apart from diet, you should massage you scalp gently to have a smooth & silky hair. You should massage heated coconut oil (about one tablespoon) applied to your fingertips, which should be applied to your scalp in a circular motion. This massage helps in stimulating the blood circulation, keep our hair moist and strengthen hair roots on the scalp. It increases the rate of long & strong hair growth. The natural hair conditioner, coconut oil, is full of vitamins & nutrients required for hair growth.

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Trim your Hair Regularly:

Tips and Tricks To Have A Faster Hair Growth-Trim your Hair Regularly

Women often miss out on trimming their hair once in every three months. Trimming of hair helps to remove split ends and gives a gorgeous look to their hair. This is important if you require balanced hair growth. It can be quite a nuisance if you have damaged hair, showing split ends. For giving your hair every chance of growing, you must regularly trim your hair so that you don’t have split ends. Just remember don’t overdo trimming to your hair, you have the option of either cutting your hair too short or have a regular trimming.

Don’t Wash Too Often:

 Tips and Tricks To Have A Faster Hair Growth-Don’t Wash Too Often

Using a good shampoo is a must for your hair growth, but it should not be done daily. Some women are encouraged to do that in order to keep hair clean and, thereby, are confused that they should shampoo it each day. It being essential for hygienic hair growth, but it can cause our hair to dry out and lose important essential oils. These oils serve the purpose of keeping our hair moist and long. It is important that your hair is washed four to five times a week, at the most.

Don’t Brush Too Often:

Tips and Tricks To Have A Faster Hair Growth-Don’t Brush Too Often

Women are confused that they should brush their hair continuously, to keep it looking fit & fine. Simultaneously, there are women who feel that to avoid hair fall, they should not brush their hair unless it is required. Brushing your hair enhances releasing of natural oils, which travel down the length of the strands and give a moist look to it. To ensure there is no hair loss, you must make sure to brush hair especially when it is wet quite gently. Brushing your hair should not cross five to ten minutes a day.

Lower Your Stress Levels:

Tips and Tricks To Have A Faster Hair Growth-Lower Your Stress Levels

Some women may have noticed that their hair growth is not up to the mark, despite taking all the care of the hair. The high-stress levels are the main reason for constant hair fall, you to lose all your hard-earned gains which mean that your hair strands are not growing to their full potential. At least eight hours of daily sleep and doing something that relaxes your mind are a must to ensure that your hair growth is happening.

Change Your Pillow Covers:

Tips and Tricks To Have A Faster Hair Growth-Change Your Pillow Covers

Further, if you wish to have fewer hair tangles, then you change your cotton pillow covers to silk ones to have lesser friction. Keep in mind all these little details that can help in hair growth.

Use Supplementation:


Tips and Tricks To Have A Faster Hair Growth-Use Supplementation

It is also beneficial to have artificial enhancements that will assist to grow your hair. There are many supplements like biotin, multivitamin tablets that are best suited for women like you, who aspire for long and strong hair. The vitamins, proteins, and minerals, which you may be lacking in your diet, are added through these supplements.

Natural Hair Packs:

Tips and Tricks To Have A Faster Hair Growth-Natural Hair Packs

You must choose from natural hair packs to suit your hair, and apply it on your hair once in a week. They can be natural ingredients that can be found in your house. To make your hair look silky and grow up to its full potential, you can choose from honey, lemon, avocado, olive oil henna etc. these ingredients moisturize your hair, make it silky smooth, and enable to grow to its full potential.

Protect Your Hair:

Protect your hair to keep it healthy and strong. We must make sure that our head is covered when we leave our house. Every time our head is exposed to the dust and heat outside, we are stripping our hair of moisture. We must make sure, that this never happens. You can use scarf or hat to do that.

Condition Regularly:

Tips and Tricks To Have A Faster Hair Growth-Condition Regularly

Decent quantity of a good hair conditioner needs to be applied after a shampoo wash. Many women often forget the importance of conditioner after they wash their hair with a shampoo. A good conditioner not only helps you hair grow longer by sealing the cuticle but also replaces liquids & proteins in your hair.

Drink Water:

We must drink at least ten glasses of water each day, as it will flush out the unwanted toxins from our body and also keep our body hydrated. Your hair depends on the rest of your body to keep it hydrated, so it is very important to make sure that you are always hydrated.

Avoid Towel Wrap:

Tips and Tricks To Have A Faster Hair Growth-Avoid Towel Wrap


When our hair is wet it is fragile and can easily break. So you must not cover your hair with a towel after you have washed it. In order to prevent hair damage, always pat your hair with a towel till it is dry or you can let it air dry.

Be Patient with your Hair:

Be patient when it comes to constant hair growth. Human hair grows about half of an inch in one month. In order to see better results of your hair growth, you must be patient. You must not be so disheartened that you cut your hair out of annoyance.


What things you should avoid:-

Avoid Hair Colors:

Excessive use of hair colors, like ammonia, which is an industrial bleaching agent, damages the follicles, thereby causing hair fall. You may use henna, coffee or cinnamon powder to have smooth and healthy hair.

 Hair Treatments:

Regular hair treatment for having straight or wavy hairstyles may lead to hair fall due to the presence of the harsh chemicals. This treatment can cause split ends which you have to continuously cut down to allow full hair growth. Love your hair as it is.

Brushing Wet Hair:

You must wait for your hair to dry naturally and then brush your hair, instead of brushing your hair while it is still wet.

Using Hot Water:

It is seen in most cases that women use hot water to rinse their hair. Our advice is to use cold water instead, as it allows the cuticles to smooth out, thereby giving you manageable hair.

Tight Hairstyles and Rubber Bands:

When you tie your hair in a ponytail or any braid, the hair gets pulled out. Hair breakage is likely as it makes them loose from the roots. Rubber bands also pull the hair out from the roots inflicting extensive damage to the mane.

For healthy hair growth, there isn’t just one thing, there are a lot of factors that contribute to the healthy growth of hair, so go ahead and experiment with these tips, and see which one works best for you.




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