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Tips and Tricks to Get Rid Of White Hair in Early Age

Premature greying of hair is one of the common issues faced by many people today. White hair may due to stress or tension. Consumption of too much alcohol smoking and even an unhealthy diet can lead to premature greying of hair. Hereditary diseases or some kind of nervous shock can also cause white hair. Also, deficiency of some minerals and vitamins can lead to white hair. White hair can cause embracement among your friends or colleagues and can affect your confidence level. Here we’ve discussed some 8 easy methods to get rid of white hair.

Get Rid Of White Hair in Early Age

Heat Protection

An excess amount of heat and sweat leaves your scalp dry. The hair follicles become weak and start ageing. As a result, hair goes grey and then white. Protect your hair from excess heat by taking some precautions such as use caps and umbrellas whenever you go out in the sun. You should also avoid hot water bath; and also, stay away from direct heat from blowers that you use to dry your hair. Apply cool hair packs on your hair to reverse the damage you have already suffered due to heat. The cool hair packs moisturize the scalp if you use it regularly. Once the normal pH level of the scalp gets restored, white hair follicles fade away. It can also promote new hair growth.

Consume Vitamin B12 Rich Food

Vitamin B12 Rich Food

One of the best ways to prevent hair whitening is consumption of Vitamin B12. It is a very helpful method to get rid of white hair. Vitamin B12 maintains the scalp health and heals hair to prevent hair whitening. Add fresh fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin B12 to your diet to get rid of premature ageing of hair and also to promote a healthy hair growth. You can also consume yeast, cheese, avocados, oranges, plums and cranberry as they also contain Vitamin B12. The results will show up soon and hair growth will be promoted. White hair strands will get dominated by new growth and finally they’ll fall away.

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Biotin Rich Hair Products

Biotin Rich Hair Products for white hair

Biotin is a natural ingredient that maintains black color in the hair. Thus, increase the consumption of biotin rich food items such as oats, almonds, meat, mushroom, avocados, eggs, etc. to get rid of white hair at a young age. You can also use biotin rich hair cosmetics to restore the natural black color of your hair.


applying oil to hair white hair

Hair oil massage is one of the best ways to keep your hair healthy promote hair growth and hence prevent Premature ageing of hair. Most people especially youngsters skip applying oil on their hair. This is one of the major reasons for weak hair follicles which results in thin, white and dull hair at a very young age. Hair experts suggest the use of almond oil and olive oil to nourish our scalp. You can also use powerful herbal oil formulas to repair the hair damage. Oiling is one of the best and natural ways to get rid of white hair. It is also the best home remedy to prevent hair whitening at a young age.


Henna for white hair

Henna is a natural dye which is use as a scalp healing herb. It not only protects your hair against whitening, but it also eliminates the appearance of existing white hair. Use henna at least once a week to get rid of premature hair whitening. 

Natural Hair Dyes

Natural Hair Dyes for white hair

Avoid using hair dyes for white hair as the chemical contained in it can cause harmful side effects. Instead, use natural homemade dyes that are full of scalp nourishing ingredients. Boil tea or coffee in water for 15 minutes and let it cool down. Add natural oils to the cooled solution to create a nourishing natural hair dye. Wash your hair regularly with this natural dye to prevent white hair.

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Natural Conditioners

Natural Conditioners for white hair

Use some nourishing natural hair conditioners instead of hair conditioners which are filled with chemicals, to increase hair growth and diminish hair whitening. Make a paste of Gooseberries and black walnuts, and mix them. Add natural oils to the mixture to make your own custom made natural homemade hair conditioner. Use this hair conditioner as a hair pack three times a week. It reverses hair ageing, improves the texture and tone of hair, results in hair strengthening and thickening and treats dandruff.


Meditate for white hjair

Stress is one of the major reasons for hair damage. An excess amount of stress can cause hair whitening at a young age. Today’s youth are surrounded with a lot of pressure in life. In such case, the hair quality gets a hugely affected which leads to hair whitening and weakening. Perform de-stress exercises and meditation to fight against hair whitening. Meditation restores the chemical balance in our brain and leaves calms the body and mind. It prevents hair whitening and repairs at the same time.

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