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Trending Long Hairstyles for Brown Hair 2021

Long hair can be fabulous and also can give you an attractive Contrasting look. At the same time, trying new shades must be challenging at first, but resultant with a good result. Brown shade are mostly preferred by Women who try to explore their hair. This rich brown shade makes you feel melt with Brown gorgeous hair styles. Brown hair enhance you personality and also gives you a new way of life. This brown shade looks Appreciable at all the styles. From housewife to a working woman all can prefer this color.

This color is appreciable in all the style either a romantic bun or pony tail or high tied bun. Long hairstyles for brown hair is a new way of creating own self.

Above all these are some of the fantastic hair contrast mentioned below, to help you enhance your style regarding brown hairs

Long Hairstyles for Brown Hair

Some Long Hairstyles for Brown Hair :

Rapunzel style


Females having long hair mostly face problem regarding managing their hair, They can prefer this hairstyle which do not make hair a mess and help you keep your hair tidy. This hairstyle gives volume to hair and make it look Beautiful.

Side braid bun


Every girl need a variation in their hairstyle and hair color, this type hairstyle highlight both your braided bun hairstyle and brown hair shade. A manageable form of hair, Also make you look simple and stylist, this hairstyle can be suited in all type dresses and make your hair look visible among all.

Long messy brown braid


This is own self a highlighted hairstyle and also denotes a uniqueness. It may take some time to make but at least it looks very mesmerizing and suits in all type dress, long hairstyle with brown hair gives a new level of beauty to the style. Easy simple and manageable way to dress up.

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Side braid with open hair

fusion hair

Some time open hair becomes unmanageable and make your mood irritable. This simple braid can give a good look rather then regular open hair and help you to look more beautiful. Every face cut suits in this hairstyle and also It looks beautiful in both black hair, but in the mean time it looks more stunning in brown shade as the braids are more visible in brown hair.

Half bun and braid

half bun bun mash up

This is a new trend of hairstyle which makes you look different from regular hairstyle, and gives a great variation to the hair from daily hairstyle . Girls of running generation usually prefer this hairstyle, this long hairstyles for brown hair looks cool and funky and represent your bold look. It does not take too much time to make and thou can be made in regular day hairstyle basis.

Half loose braid and curls

half braid wavy curles

Girls having curly hair never think of innovating a new hairstyle, as they predict of treating curly hair as a mess,this few french braids can remove a negative perception from their mind and they can put this hairstyle. It is quick to make and represent both beautiful braid and wavy hair.

Heavy curls twist

half-twistedHeavy curls look beautiful when managed in a perfect way so that every part of hair looks visible and looks beautiful. To give a change you can apply brown shade which can make your look fascinating and beautiful.

Side braid messy bun

side braid with messy pony

Messy hair is now in trend and can make you look beautiful with simple side braid, brown shade enhances the beauty of hair and increases your appreciation list. It is suitable in all type dress and if decorated with small flower pins, it looks more beautiful. It is enough to represent your beautiful, attractive look.

Waterfall braid


Girls having long brown hair must try this hairstyle as it is simple and also looks perfect wit all type faces. This waterfall braid gives volume to hair and make your hair look long and dense, even brides can prefer this hairstyle to look like a princess. It gives a royal and gorgeous look.

Wavy curls

wavy curle

Most girls prefer to have an open hair, but it only looks good when the hair is set. Trend of brown color can help you to be an attractive part in any place. This long brown hair suits in all types of dresses and also suitable in every place.

Caramel brown straight hair

caramel straight-hair-

Girls having long straight hair does not prefer any other hairstyle because straight hair is itself a trend. They can just try to adopt few of the new shades which can enhance their hairstyle and make it look pretty, like long Brown hair looks smooth silky and shiny and give a elegant look to straight hair.

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Brown messy bun

gorgeous brown messy bun

Messy hair is now a popular trend all over the country and represent gorgeous look, the heavy messy bun is preferred by most of the girls as it is fast and easy way to dress. It looks good in all type attire.

Twisted bun

twistie bun hairstyle

This look gives a bold attire to your personality and represent a new you. A well dressed hair gives a confidence to represent your own self. A tricky hairstyle but also appreciable.

rose gold wave hair

wave curls

Trying a new color must be challenging but result you with beautiful shade. Suits in all type faces and gives a wonderful look.

Bottom dark shade

bottom dark shade

Coloring few stripes of your hair gives automatic highlights to hair. It looks attractive and a cool  trendy look.

Waterfall curls


Few folds of braids can replace your old look with a beautiful princess look. Brown shade make the braids visible and girls can add on with few flowers or a tiara.

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