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Two Tone Hair color Ideas for Women

Hair color adds extra essence to your hair and makes your look much appealing. Your boring hair or hairstyle can also be made interesting one if you add a bit of shade on them to make them look more attractive. During old days, there were no hair color trends, but later on, it was adapted and caught a great craze in everyone’s eye to style their hairs with such colors. Till now for a bolder appearance all dark shades blonde hair colors are perfect and for a cuter one, you can go for some light shades. Even after a certain age, hair coloring becomes important for your hair so that your high age can’t spoil your look. Therefore, hair color is plays a great role in our life. We usually change our hair color ideas depending on the season like we find light shades perfect in summer and dark ones are left for winter. But for now, there is a solution for all the styling process of two-tone hair color is in great demand and is also loved by all. Instead of choosing and going for a single color pattern, the look is styled with two different shades of color like a contour of each color is set up to make you look more classy. The benefit of two-tone hair color is that it is perfect for all season and also face and hair type and easily go on all. There are many types of two tone hair color ideas and some of the perfect ones are mentioned here below. If you too have settled down your mind to make your hair deal with one such color, then you can easily go below and style your hair in a better fascinating way.

Two Tone Hair color for Women

Two Tone Hair color for Your Hair are –

Dark under part with bold light shades

Dark underparts topped with a bold blonde hair shades two tone hair color designs

This hair look will be perfect for the ladies with high age and having a gray hair color. You don’t need to do a lot of labor, just mark with red color dark shades and on between add a silver color light or just arrange your silver color hair in between and comb it the way you find it perfect.


Brown light with black hair

Two Tone Hair color Designs for Your Especial Hair brown lights with black hair

This is the easiest way of style where you have to just arrange brown shades on your black hair and hide them in a crossed pattern. Arrange your hair in a messy way and then leave it open. This hairstyle is perfect for the ones with short hair.

Silver bangs with red color hair

Two Tone Hair color Designs for Your Especial Hair white and red shades

Styling the bangs in a different color other than hair color will be just the perfect one. You can simply comb your hair in a side parted way and then arrange your bangs in a silver color of shades and rest of your hair will be arranged with dark red or brown color shades.

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Orange color with brown shades

Two Tone Hair color Designs for Your Especial Hair orange with brown shades

Orange color with red or brown shades will be just the perfect combination. You have to style your bangs or front falling with orange color and make it arrange it with brown color shades of twisted and curled hair.

Orange hair with silver shade

Two Tone Hair color Designs for Your Especial Hair orange shade with silver dye

This image itself reflects a lot that how bold this look will be a much-defined color of bold orange shades with silver color hair and a very short straight pixie cut. Comb it in a clean side parted way.

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