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Types and Benefits of Vegetable Hair Dye

Dyes and colors that you use are full of chemicals and unsafe substances, which cause great damage to your hair. To color your hair, this is a sincere advice that starts considering vegetable hair dye. They are a much safer option, as they do not contain chemicals & other harmful things. The vegetable hair dye are suited to persons, who are sensitive to different chemicals and your hair gets the full advantage of using vegetable hair dye.

Vegetable hair dye types and benefits

The advantages of vegetable hair dyes are:

  • Hair does not Damage: Vegetable hair dye do not contain any chemicals & their components, which are dangerous to your hair. As such, this is the most important advantage of natural coloring.
  • Maintains Hair Structure: Unhealthy hair is the result of your hair color products, which ultimately cause the hair to break. Vegetable hair dye does not have this impact and they do not change the hair structure, thereby causing no harm.
  • Conditioner: The ingredients of a vegetable hair dye condition your hair, as they are natural. You can have soft, shiny & smooth hair on using the natural hair dye.
  • Safe During pregnancy: Coloring your hair, while you are pregnant, may be a reason for fear, as the dye that you are using consists of chemicals, which may have an adverse effect on the unborn child. With the vegetable hair dye, which has no chemicals in them, are safer for you during your pregnancy.
  • Temporary Use: Looking for the pleasure, a woman would always need a hair color, which they can change. Hence, they would prefer vegetable hair dye than others because it takes, not more than, 9-10 times shampooing their hair, i.e., vegetable hair dye are temporary.

So, we have seen that vegetable hair dye, giving more than one reason, are so suitable to color their hair. The important thing is, these hair dyes do not emit chemicals which are, normally, associated with the hair dyes used worldwide.

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Natural Hair Dyes

Hair dyes, either vegetable or henna-based, are oil based dyes, which when mixed with hydrogen peroxide, show a long lasting effect. Vegetable hair dyes are the best dye for grey hair. Most of the vegetable & natural hair dyes are gray-merging, and not gray-covering because these hair dyes do not contain chemicals.

Vegetable hair dyes, because of their short-lasting capacity, are also known as stains. Their hair color does not penetrate the cuticle of our hair shafts, and the dye only covers the hair. The constituents of vegetable hair dye are similar to henna based hair dyes, and they contain inks that are scattered.

Types of Vegetable Hair Dyes

Dyes of leaves are the most common, but those made of fruits, flowers, root, mineral, bark and stem hair are hard to find. Flowers & fruits made dyes are more suitable, as they contain various colors, which could be used in the manufacture of vegetable hair dyes. Mineral salts & oxidized iron are used in making of mineral dyes. Chamomile is, often, used when a yellowish color is required on the hair.

Using the correct one depends on the color of your hair, and for how long it to stay. There are numerous brands, that offer vegetable hair dyes in various colors, and these consist of the good quality elements, that can give a silky, smooth & a damage free look to your hair.

Switching to Vegetable Hair Dyes

Scientists have proven that normal hair dye contain chemicals, which may cause respiratory harm, hair loss, raw & itchy skin, swelling of the face etc., to the person using these hair dyes. Studies have proven that the risk of bone marrow & blood cancers, like leukemia & Hodgkin’s disease and breast & bladder diseases, are all caused by the use of these, conventionally used, hair dyes.

It is the best idea to switch to vegetable hair dyes, as the evidence gained, so far from the studies, is alarming. You do not have to worry about the fright of these health problems, once you change to vegetable hair dye. With the use of the natural hair dyes, you can be rest assured that your hair is not treated with toxic chemicals. You can be the holder of soft, shiny, silky & damage free hair.


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