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All Types of Dutch Braid Hairstyles for women

Low loose simple Dutch braid ponytail

Dutch braid hairstyles low loose simple dutch braid pony tail

A very low and simple braided ponytail perfectly suitable for all kinds of occasion. It is the collection of very smooth and loose touch of simple Dutch braid hanging towards your shoulder where the crown will be left untouched of any style.

Twisted look with Dutch braid covering

Dutch braid hairstyles twisted bun with dutch braid covering

You can exactly make your look this way where a simple knotted twisted heavy low bun fixed at the crown area will be joined with this Dutch braid and it will be covering it in a circular way.

Dutch braid with loose ponytail

Dutch braid hairstyles dutch braid with loose ponytail

This style will be similar as you do your French braid and will be knotted from your crown area but this will not be a French braid because it will be in a high updo. Make soft patterns of Dutch braid and then secure it in a loose ponytail till your shoulders.

Dutch braid with messy ponytail

Dutch braid hairstyles dutch braid with messy pony tail

A messy ponytail with bangs is an easy style which we love for daily styling. Therefore, a simple high ponytail with a messy touch and long side bangs with a side parted two sides Dutch braid.

Bridal Dutch braid

Dutch braid hairstyles braidal dutch braid

A Dutch braid hairstyle is also a complete solution for a formal wedding and an easy option to pick up with. You can go for a loose side Dutch braid with a messy crown and side parted bangs on both sides. For a better appearance style with flowers on your braids.

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Side swept hair with twisted Dutch braid

Dutch braid hairstyles side swept hair with twisted dutch braid

Another simple yet very reflecting style of a wavy touch. Where all your hair will be arranged in a side swept way at one side of your face. This will be fixed there at the other side starting from the crown portion. You can start braiding into tiny subsections and then leave it secured.

Dutch braid with a royal highlighted bun

Dutch braid hairstyles dutch braid with a royal high;ighted bun

Some hues of highlights make the hair look more glossy. You can also arrange your hair in the same way where textures of highlighted hair will be carved in a plated dutch braid. Then will be circled in a royal round low bun.

Dutch braid with curly bangs

Dutch braid hairstyles dutch braid with curly bangs

After the straight hair, you can also style your Dutch braid on your curly hair or if you love one. Simply after making a Dutch braid ponytail make a small loose bun of it. Then with your fingers take out some messy layers from that and arrange it on your face. With the help of a curling iron make soft gentle curls and leave the bangs spread on your face in a messy way.

Long Dutch braid ponytail with bangs

Dutch braid hairstyles long duch braid ponytail with bangs

A very long hair can be arranged with this easy styling. A loose hanging straight Dutch braid ponytail divided at the crown area with long side swept bangs. You have to make a low hanging ponytail and then arrange it at the shoulders. Wherever you find suitable at the back or at the side and then leave it hanging with front falling heavy side swept bangs.

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