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Under Cut Hairstyles for Girls

Under cut hairstyle is half shaved haircut, which is styled on one side of the head with remaining other side covers with a long or short face. This changed economy has fostered us to move towards the latest fashion and for that we need to deal with perfect bold hairstyles that can make us perfectly stand there. There are almost many kinds of latest hairstyles which, if styled in a perfect way can make you look the most beautiful and boldest women on earth. The most favorable and loved trendy hairstyles which are in favor nowadays is the undercut hairstyle. Undercut hair with half shaved look and little toppings of hair on that looks really great. You can get this style easily, just get your crown under shaved with any of the sides and then at the remaining, you can style with any kind you want. It doesn’t matter if you are styling your undercut with a long or a short haircut it always looks good. It is a hairstyle which can easily suit all face type and face shape. Therefore, you also don’t need to think much while styling with this, and can easily go for this. Here below there are many stunningly beautiful and bold hairstyles mentioned. Have a lot of confidence while styling this hair look because many are going to faint with fascination while they are going to see this style.

Under Cut Hairstyles for Girls

Undercut hairstyles for girls are –

Bob cut with two side tone

Under Cut Hairstyles for Girls long black hair with side shaved

A simple sleeked back short bob cut with some tone of highlights and loose flicks which should be combed back and left arranged there. Shave out the two sides of your area above the ear and leave them at their normal base. This side shaved look with a high puffy crown at the base will do enough.

Long black hair with side shaved

Under Cut Hairstyles for Girls long black hair with side shaved

Long black hairstyle with a side shaved hair and the shave will be so proper that the scalp will be completely visible. If you have a long hair then you can easily go for this hair style, in which you have to make your hair a side parted and leave it open at one side. Shave the other side completely.

Long bangs with side cropped

Under Cut Hairstyles for Girls long bangs with side cropped

Bangs give the most romantic look ever, you can arrange with these. Allow high heavy side stripped bangs to cover your face from one side and then leave the rest of your hair cropped so that only tiny hair appears. You can also arrange the bangs with some bold highlights.


Long dreads with under shaved

Under Cut Hairstyles for Girls long dreads with under shaved

The dread hairstyle is the most trendy hair look itself, the tiny knotted patterns look like hanging ropes. You can style your look this way if you are having a long hair, tie your long hair with different patterns of loose stripes and then place it to one side in a way of side partisan. Then just make your hair shaved and short cropped from the other side. This combination of half cropped and half side long hair is amazing.

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Red color pixie cut with side shaved

Under Cut Hairstyles for Girls red color pixie with side shaved

This is the most romantic hairstyle ever with the hues of red color, a short stripped pixie cut with side swept bangs and an effect of red bold colors. Choose one side to style the highlighted bangs and the other side will be short cropped. The bangs should be straight and long.

Long bob cut with side shaved

Under Cut Hairstyles for Girls long bob cut with under shaved

A very long bob cut is the favorite choice of all who want to move on a short cut but don’t want to make their haircut too short. Choose one side and arrange your long bob cut there and comb in a side parted way . The other side of the hair will be shaved and cropped.

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