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How To Use Eggs for Healthy and Strong hair

Eggs are a rich source of vitamins and contain a high amount of protein in it, we all know, but they are useful not only for health but also are essential for healthy hair. If you want a strong, shiny and beautiful hair then using eggs as a treatment will the best choice. Nowadays, we all are faced with certain hair problems, like heavy hair fall, light hair, slow hair growth and also rough and damaged hair. This  is all happening because of our unhealthy living and not giving a proper care to our hair, which can be because of lack of time. People are so busy in their lifestyle that they have almost forgotten about their tresses which lead to a dull damaged hair. The excessive use of chemical based treatments for the nourishment of hair is not good and serves as a negative impact. At that time, you should strongly avoid them, but what about the beauty of hair that is already damaged. In this situation, you have another option, rather than using these chemical products you can opt to fight against damaged hair.

Hair problem like dry hair, dandruff hair, hair fall, lazy growth, for all these problems there is a mind blowing solution and that is to use eggs on them. This solution contains a huge amount of essential fatty acids and antioxidants which are very useful for a proper hair growth. So, this time without going for any other kind of solution, just move on to these easy ways of using eggs, which apart from being easy is also very useful. So, here beneath are mentioned some of the best ever healthy hair packs made from eggs. You can easily use them and make your hair completely potent.

How To Use Eggs for Healthy and Strong hair

Egg solution for healthy hair are –

Eggs and avocado


Eggs and avocado mixture for hair treatment are the best combination ever. If you are using them on your rough hair they will easily become smooth and silky. In a bowl, mix egg yolk with crushed avocado and mix this well. Add a little water to this solution and apply it on your hair. After an hour wash off properly.

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Eggs and lemon


Lemon itself makes the hair grow healthier and shine. A combination of lemon and eggs will not only remove dandruff but will also serve with extra shine and smoothness. In a bowl beat few eggs and add two spoons of lemon juice. Mix them well and including your scalp, apply this on your hair, after a couple of minutes wash them off.

Eggs and honey


Honey add extra shine to hair and also makes it smooth. Add 3 spoons of honey in an egg yolk and mix them well with a  warm water. Apply this solution on your edges and hair for a while and then wash off. You will get a smooth and shiny hair.

Egg and olive oil


Olive oil increases the serum level of hair and also reduces the hair fall. If you are having heavy hair fall then mix a cup of egg yolk with five spoons of olive oil and massage it to your scalp including your hair. Wash off after an hour, and you will get immediate results.

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Eggs and coconut oil


We all know that if we massage our hair with coconut oil daily we will be getting a healthy hair. In a bowl, make a mixture of coconut oil and beaten eggs. Mix them well and use it every two times a week before your hair wash. You will get rid of hair fall and also dandruff.

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