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Waterfall Braid Hairstyle For Women – How To Style Video Tutorial


Waterfall braid hairstyle #8


This is a twisted waterfall braid hairstyle which can be done by twisting three hair strands instead of simple braiding. Here the braid starts from a good height at one side of the head and continues down to the other side in a typical waterfall braiding fashion


Waterfall braid hairstyle #9


This waterfall braid hairstyle is combined with perfect curls to get a cascading look. Here two waterfall braids have been done; one waterfall braid has been done from the top of the head. While the braid on the other side starts at the side. The waterfall braids do not meet at a center and the braid continues for the whole length.

Waterfall braid hairstyle #10


This is a loop waterfall braid which is placed at the back of the head, at a proper height. It has a circling pattern instead of a cascading and it looks gorgeous with the caramel highlights on the hairs. This waterfall braid hairstyle is more suitable for hairs with long or medium length but not for short hairs.

Waterfall braid hairstyle #11


Here the braid starts from the front of the head and flows through the side up to the back of the head in a cascading fashion. The braid has been continued for the full length of the hairs. And will look perfect on anyone with long or medium hair length.

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Waterfall braid hairstyle #12


This hairstyle is perfect to make you look like a princess.  Here the braids have been done from the sides of the head in a diagonal fashion to meet at the center. Then from the center, a Fishbone plait braid hairstyle has been done for the full length of the hairs. This is a classy combination of waterfall braid and Fishbone plait.

Waterfall braid hairstyle #13


This is a different type of waterfall braid hairstyle, which is done from both the sides at the back in a straight fashion. Then the two braids have been joined together with bobby pins on one side instead of the central position. And the lengths have been left loose until the end. You can highlight your hair and give some curls to make it look better.

Waterfall braid hairstyle #14


This is a very charming knotted waterfall braid. This hairstyle may look complicated, but in reality, it is not much difficult to get especially if you are good at waterfall braiding style.

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