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Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair


Pompadour bangs



A high bang wave at the crown portion forming puffy creation with straight edges at the last.

Birdcage veil for short wedding hairstyle



A birdcage will serve you a glamour’s look, it enlighten your eyes creating a spark in them also covers to manage your short hair.

Long bangs with short hair




You can simply make long straight bangs fall on your head covering your eye which looks so stylish.

Flirty look with flower band



You can get a kittenish look by just hanging a sweet flower hair braid on your crown, allowing some of your hair to cover your forehead.

A symmetric flick for wedding


A front falling symmetric flick will make your appearance a bit more fertile and classy.

Pixie with highlights


Just add straight highlights with the help of gel or you can add jewels or flower to it,which looks groovy and alluring, wear long ear studs.

Curls with flower


Your little curls can look amazing just add few flowers on each line and see how fascinating it looks.

Flicked out style for short hair



Make flickers at the edges in layers and cover your crown with flowers, the flicker waves coming out.

Extra short with ombre


A very tiny hair with ombre cut with extra shiny effect makes you look extra graze.

Short hairstyles with braided bangs



Add simple braids on your crown area to rule over the occasion, you can also add flowers to enlighten your look.

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