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Wedding Hairstyles for Women with Long Hair

“I want to look the best, on my wedding day” is the dream of every bride, even mine if it would have been my wedding. But for now it’s up to you and you want to look classy one apart from being alluring, we all really go too concerned to plan a perfect outfit for wedding day, all things should be perfect specially your hair which plays a very vital role to affect your glimpse. Short hairs are easily manageable, but what for the long ones, for you, it’s the toughest question that how to carry one? But remember there is no reason for being tensed as long hairs do better for such types of occasion, all you have to do is to go for a perfect hairstyle which suits your personality. So here beneath for your esteem, I am mentioning some of the creative and elegant hairstyle to add stats to your look, and make your glance very much appealing and admirable on your husky occasion.


Some wedding hairstyles for long hair –


Milkmaid braid



It is the sweetest way to look perfect on your wedding day, especially if it is a summer time. Separate the hair in two sections braid each side, wrap and pin up properly on the other side. Add flowers t your braids and look more alluring.

A symmetrical pinupwedding-hairstyles-for-women-with-long-hair-a-symmentrical-pin-up



Few curls on one side and twisted bun covering your neck, a mushy appearance but so classy, a classy frame out will be there on your face with this style.

Water fall braidswedding-hairstyles-for-women-with-long-hair-water-fall


Wow! What an amazing fluffy style, increasing the volume of the hair, a twisted rolled line crossing your back and rest of your hair will be curled and left open.

Flowery half up



This is a very common style for summer and very viral this summer. These easy curls with flowers are perfect for a rustic situation, just add the flowers matched to your dress code.

Infinity knot




A tight knot with flowers or jewelries, a three ponytail twisted and turned into a well stitched bun will really look creative.

Long braids with flowerswedding-hairstyle-for-women-with-long-hair-long-braid-with-flower



A very long braid tied with flowers, a simple sweet hanging with flunky edges with weaves crossing the pony braids.

Fish tail braid


It is a very common hairstyle for wedding for a delicate look, the numerous plaits coming out and forming braid with wavy edges looks really good.

Tousled chignon


You might be hearing the name first but it is really a divine hairstyle, multiple layers of hair going back and forming a bun with small bangs.

Half up with long curls


Loose waves at your bangs with a small puff at crown area and bangs covering your forehead, each hair turned in a criss cross way with easy curls.

Tousled waves


A very simple hairstyle, just a wavy cut hairstyle, with fluffy textured and curls covering back, with the help of a roller or a comb just make curling’s and leave it open.

Katniss braid



It is the best thing to draw someone’s attention, the tiny knots braided with curls and pinned back the head looks so good with some flowers or ornaments added to it.

Curved lace braid



The waterfall braid will be enhanced here by pining a side bun after completing so and layers coming out and hanging over the face.

Soft waves with floral pinwedding-hairstyles-for-women-with-long-hair-soft-waves-with-floral-pin


A simple side combing hairstyles with bushy heavy waves down and flowers covering them so suitable for a wedding occasion.

Bridal ballerina bun



This heavy tied bun is perfect for all situation, especially on your day, this clean look enhances your face and make up in a better way, and it will keep your hands free, a perfect look for summer.

Tousled side waves

A straight side combed pony tail with bangs falling on head and wavy edges at the down, a puffy section at your crown area adds volume to your hair and make you the princess of the evening.

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