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Wedding Hairstyles for Women with Long Hair

Half up with long curls


Loose waves at your bangs with a small puff at crown area and bangs covering your forehead, each hair turned in a criss cross way with easy curls.

Tousled waves


A very simple hairstyle, just a wavy cut hairstyle, with fluffy textured and curls covering back, with the help of a roller or a comb just make curling’s and leave it open.

Katniss braid



It is the best thing to draw someone’s attention, the tiny knots braided with curls and pinned back the head looks so good with some flowers or ornaments added to it.

Curved lace braid



The waterfall braid will be enhanced here by pining a side bun after completing so and layers coming out and hanging over the face.

Soft waves with floral pinwedding-hairstyles-for-women-with-long-hair-soft-waves-with-floral-pin


A simple side combing hairstyles with bushy heavy waves down and flowers covering them so suitable for a wedding occasion.

Bridal ballerina bun



This heavy tied bun is perfect for all situation, especially on your day, this clean look enhances your face and make up in a better way, and it will keep your hands free, a perfect look for summer.

Tousled side waves

A straight side combed pony tail with bangs falling on head and wavy edges at the down, a puffy section at your crown area adds volume to your hair and make you the princess of the evening.

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