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Zendaya’s Best Hairstyles

Zendaya Maree Stoemer Coleman is born on September 1, 1996 and is an American model, singer, actress and dancer. We all are very much aware of her precious beauty and her real born talent by which she always proves to be an idol for all teenagers. Only being of 19 she accepted to do so many things and which were really done with huge perfections in them and caught success at each step of her life. But among one the much familiar thing about her which attracts all women no matter a teenager or an adult one is her really adorable classy haircuts and hairstyles which she keeps changing from stage to stage and every time she is seen she looks something different, new and also stunning. One like you and I will really have a desire to have such beautiful tresses like her and the hairstyle which she adopts are really divine which can suit on all personality easily. So here below I have discussed some of the best marvelous hairstyles ever picked by her. You can go beneath and style one according to your aspect.


Hairstyles and haircuts of Zendaya are –

cute bob


She looks so cute in her teenage off course but a short trimmed bob cut make her look more visible to us. The heavy bangs are doing something especial on that a clean cut look from all sides which is cute and yet stylish.

Long two pig tail braids



Again a look which is cute, if you are having a long hair and want to manage it with an easy style which looks awesome then you can go for this. An easy style which yet looks too classy two long middle parted pony tail tied into small braids.

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Soft waves with highlights


Waves suits on all face and hair types no matter small or long hair. the smooth sizzling wavy cut on long hair with soft curls ironed smoothly side parted combed and settled properly with extra highlights.

Fringe with high bun


Such an expensive look which should be really preserved to define the real beauty. A high knotted rolled bun at the crown area and small lined up tiny sharp fringes covering the head from front.

Braided bun

Braided bun-hairstyle-of-zendaya

As I mentioned earlier it has always been proved that braids and bun are the best combination ever. A loose patched long braids converted and fixed tightly in a bun at the back.

Slicked back


It has always been proved to be the romantic glossy hairstyle ever. This is really an easy one to style. A smooth straight hair deeply slicked back and pasted there with little highlights, perfect for an evening date.

Luscious curls


Curly hairs are always loved by all, as you don’t need much effort to style them. Use a curling iron to form loose tiny heavy curls on your long tresses and comb them middle parted and leave open.

Straight hair with side bangs

Straight hair with side bangs-hairstyle-of-zendayas

A completely straight hair styled with extra layers at the edge and angled bangs at the side of ear falling on face. Carry this style with a hot smile and be the beautiful.

Bedhead layers


Layers can be styled on all types of hair whether short or long. The small grazed layers with all sides of the hair and parted in a messy way left uncombed.

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Faux bob

Faux bob-hairstyle-of-zendaya

A high faux bob cut, faux cut gives an especial essence on your face. A high faux cut with bob line cut hair touching the neck line gently.

Tight side swept curls

Tight side swept curl-hairstyle-of-zendaya

A side swept hair is yet easy to style but never out of fashion. The loose curly hair secured at one side of the head behind the ear. Parted at one side and fixed there properly.

Retro bun


Retro style is a very precious one as we all know and suits on all faces and looks. A high defined retro curl tied in a bun. The loose curls forming bun gives a glamorous effect.

Messy curly bob

Faux bob-hairstyle-of-zendayas

If you are really fond of short hair or you are already having one then you can easily go for this. A short trimmed neck line bob with a curly effect. A sweet look served with the fragrance of cherished curls.

Lengthy dreads


Try something new and creative, these dread lock hairstyles are perfect for the latest style of long tresses. Long dread tied like ropes in numerous patterns and then left open.



A short pixie cut, perfect for an extra bold look. Serve extra spice this time by adopting this look and be the hottest women on earth. In spite of looking cute only you are also going to be the smartest one.

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